Stephen Moffatt

Uckers ya @uckers, an idea developed in 2013 and established in 2014 and run by Stephen Moffatt. The idea was born from a desire to own a bespoke Uckers Board for use and display in his man cave. After several months of looking for a company or individual to manufacture this and drawing a blank, he decided to have a go at making a board himself. Stephen joined the Royal Navy in 1978 after leaving school and qualified as a Marine Engineering Mechanic. During his 23 + years of service, Stephen was employed in various roles, including the gas turbine engine change team for the Type 42 destroyers, fuel management, firefighting duties, small craft maintenance in Gibraltar, a short period in Kosovo attached to the Army working with the REME (Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers), and insulation technician (lagger) at Portsmouth Naval Base. Finishing his Navy career in 2001 as a leading marine engineer teaching damage repair techniques at HMS Excellant, Whale Island. After leaving the Royal Navy for a short period of time, Stephen ran a small franchise business involving the repair of minor dents to vehicle bodywork. Following on from this, in 2003 he joined the ambulance service, and in 2007 he qualified as an emergency medical technician. Currently in full-time employment for South Central Ambulance Service, in his spare time, what started as a hobby has turned into manufacturing bespoke Uckers Boards.

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